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Are you ready to join the future of metaverse animation movement?

“Nothing happens until something moves.” One of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, uttered these words that still have bearing on reality today.

Movement underpins the fabric of everything we experience. It defines what we see, the way we feel and how we connect to each other.  As creators, workplace innovators, brand managers and event planners, we have all grown accustomed to hosting events packed with movement in the form of captivating dancers, charismatic live bands, impressive speakers, charming roaming waiters and dynamic and interactive stage entertainment to mention but a few. And with the latest paradigm shift in the event industry towards hosting virtual events and show productions in the metaverse, the art of movement and animation is being extended to create powerful virtual event experiences

SpaceTo, a leading metaverse development company that continuously looks for innovative ways to enhance metaverse event experiences, has adopted new AI motion capture technology ( to enhance total immersion and engagement for audiences in alternate realities.

About was founded to empower millions of creators, by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize movement and democratize animation at scale. Its technology has been tested directly against the best in class optical and suit-based systems and delivers comparable high fidelity motion data to any platform. Today,’s technology is already being used by some of the industry’s leading games, sports and metaverse companies such as SpaceTo.

What does this mean for SpaceTo and our clients?

Using the new technology has revolutionized the way we work by providing us with highly accurate motion capture data that we can use to create more realistic and dynamic animations. With this technology, we can capture even the subtlest movements of actors and bring them to life in your projects in the following ways:

1. AAA quality markerless motion capture technology

AAA quality markerless motion capture technology powered by AI, brings motion into our virtual worlds at a limitless scale.  We are now able to capture a 3D representation of an actor in a process known as motion capture, but without the hassle of actors having to use Lycra suits with lots of white balls attached to them.

2. Real-time high fidelity tracking  

Using artificial intelligence to capture motion or animation, enables incredibly high fidelity tracking of pose, gait, root-motion and even mannerism of any age or body type. With this technology, we can now translate any movement into our metaverse spaces in real-time in addition to motion capture remotely when necessary.

3. Motion capture in minutes

Motion capture or animation movement is seen as a tedious and expensive process – but it does not have to be! helps us simplify traditional and complicated motion capture systems, eliminate the need for motion- capture studios and avoid the painstaking work of creating engaging graphics by a human artist.  This technology enables motion capture in any environment using off the shelf cameras and mobile phones. In fact, can build their own event entertainment such as metaverse bands with three iPhones and Ready Player Me Avatars using a set up that takes five minutes!

4. Frictionless movement in the metaverse

SpaceTo and enables frictionless movement between physical and digital worlds using patented artificial intelligence software at a fraction of the cost of traditional motion-capture studios, optical and inertial alternatives.


At, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, and this implementation of AI motion capture is just one example of how we are constantly pushing ourselves to offer a better service to our clients.

So, if you are looking for a company that is committed to keeping you ahead of the curve by using cutting edge technology to achieve the best possible results, look no further than  Contact our team on and learn where this new AI motion capture technology can take us!