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Middle East Event Awards

The entertainment industry brings browser based microverse to stage show for heightened, hybrid audience engagement.

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The Middle East

Event Show

The Middle East Event Show brought over 1500+ event professionals together to engage for two days of immersive learning and collaboration.

A custom metaverse was created to take professionals on a metaverse journey from their mobile phones, into an immersive, virtual environment, which was streamed live.

SpaceTo partnered with Informa Connect (Middle East) who were the main organisers behind the Middle East Event Show.

Custom worlds

3D designed, luscious palm trees, rock formations and ambient lighting were some of the central aesthetic features.

These were illuminated by a blue and green galaxy- inspired skyline and backdrop.
There are no limits to what you custom create in the metaverse.

Users were also able to teleport themselves around the microverse to different spaces.

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Custom Avatars

A 3D avatar creator allowed users to create personalised avatars.

Multi-coloured avatars engaged with each other within the custom designed virtual environment.

Each avatar moved within the space using convenient, touch-circle navigation.

Live interactions

Each avatar could run around the 3D space using expressive emojis, their best dance moves, and comments to connect and network with other players.

These live interactions were also streamed live to a large screen at the event which increased brand engagement and participation.

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The metaverse user experience matters, especially at a show with 1500+ taking part in the experience.

Our developers demanded that data crossed boundaries at speed and without friction using browser-based, optimised technology.

Social Networking

As the event was live and many attended in person, physical and virtual social networking was heightened as live event professionals took to the metaverse to engage fellow attendees and watch themselves on-screen.

This served as a space which ignited virtual and in-person connections.

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    Multi Platform Access

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    Customizable Spaces

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    Private Spaces

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    Custom Avatars

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    Live HD Streaming

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    Low Latency

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    High navigation & spawn speed



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